Newsweek’s keen 1965 “Mad Men” issue

Newsweek’s keen 1965 “Mad Men” issue.

The new issue of Newsweek does something very creative. It’s obvious from the cover that there’s a “Mad Men” theme going on. The first clue that something else is amiss: The nameplate on the cover. It’s Newsweek’s 1960s-era logo.

Flip it open and you’ll see the entire issue, under editor Tina Brown, has gone through a time warp. Stories are set in Newsweek’s 1960s fonts. And—best of all—many of the advertisements are designed to look vintage-1965.

Gah… Me want! Normalt hadde jeg sprunget til Narvesen på Continental, alt remmer og tøy kunne holde. Her på landet er det ikke fullt så enkelt. Tilgjengelig via Apples Newsstand, kanskje? Men helt det samme blir det jo ikke.

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