Russia threatened by U.S. troops on Polish soil?

We’ve heard, over and over, how threatened the Kremlin feels by the American deployment to Zagan, Poland, but those who recall the cold war’s first incarnation will of course find Russia’s rhetoric only too familiar.

Like back in the day one party will inevitably claim that it’s fallen victim to the other party’s actions, paving the way for the offender’s concessions or the victim’s right to do likewise – in this instance; deploying Russian troops to regions deemed sensitive to the west.

Of course Russia isn’t threatened – or insulted, for that matter. For Pete’s sake, Mr. Lavrov, Poland is a NATO country (although I’m not convinced it ever should have been one). So you know, it’s all part of the game.

And the game? It is afoot – as per usual.

Photo: U.S. Army and Polish soldiers provide reception and security for arriving U.S. helicopters and Soldiers at a Polish Army training area in Zagan, Poland, June 12, 2015. Photo from U.S. Army.

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