The comfortable indifference

Some 80 years ago the utter madness emanating from the Berlin Reichskanslerei had the world comfortably numb, due to its endless outpour and extremity – rendering the surrounding countries more or less insensitive, until the evil regime directed its anger, aggression and weapons toward us.

The constant madness currently pouring out of The White House seems to have much of the same effect. Certainly we’re outraged, but the scope of President Trump’s apparent craziness is challenging our ability to absorb it all, such as the VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement office) initiative, introduced in the President’s address to the Congress last Tuesday, aimed at serving Americans falling victim to crimes committed by immigrants:

We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests.
– President Trump

Covered by the media, sure, but didn’t really make its way to the public’s attention, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the endless stream of crazy moves. So the initiative passed more or less under the radar, drowning in a wave of political madness.

We’ve seen public indignation over families being split due to deportations (a measure held in high regard by some historic characters, too), leaving children orphaned on U.S. soil.

In Norway we pride ourselves with this passage from Norwegian poet Arnulf Øverland’s poem Dare not to sleep, which is something of a favourite in Norwegian discourse:

You oughn’t abide, sitting calm in your home
Saying: Dismal it is, poor they are, and alone
You cannot permit it! You dare not, at all.
Accepting that outrage on all else may fall!
I cry with the final gasps of my breath:
You dare not repose, nor stand and forget

Clearly convinced that recital equals endorsement, yet, unlike U.S. authorities, we don’t restrict ourselves to deporting carefully selected adults, but up to three generations of entire families, based on an untruth once told by one of the grandparents, decades ago – rendering Donald Trump quite the amateur, in terms of inhumane treatment of immigrants.

Innvandrings- og integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp). Fotograf: Torbjørn Tandberg.
Norway’s Minister of migration and integration Sylvi Listhaug. Photographer: Torbjørn Tandberg.

Certainly it did stir a bit of commotion, for a day or two. Thing is, however, that injustice is carried out throughout an entire west scared shitless by the unfounded fear that Muslims – among others – harbour animosity against it.

We have, in short, developed into paranoid societies only too prepared to embrace any strongman willing to quench that fear by any means. Granted means we do not necessarily condone, but means just the same, leaving us insensitive to the scale of our own indecency (if not for that of our «enemies»).

So hey: Dare not to sleep!

Because, you know, we do. Americans and non-Americans alike.

Top photo: U.S. President Donald Trump. Official White house portrait.

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