We are no longer amused

My apologies for my failure to make witty remarks at U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s expense lately, but I seem to have reached the point where I have concluded that it can always get worse, and it would seem that it invariably does.

In other words, should I be tempted to react jokingly – or shocked, even – to any of his outrageous statements or actions, we can always put our trust in his ability to trump (!) it on the following day (although more likely the same day).

It simply isn’t fun anymore, and I have ceased to be shocked, so find myself left with jaw constantly in a dropped position (may need to have a doctor look into that), unable to react, due to the surreal qualities of current goings on.

I’m dead serious, you know. If it can help you understand, the situation is best compared to a sitcom in which things get more than just a little out of hand. Or a farce, if you will. They’re never really entertaining.

Photo: U.S. President Donald Trump. Detail from official White house portrait.

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