Tysnesfest: An amazing summer adventure

While I’ve made it abundantly clear that living where I live isn’t for the urbanly disposed, such as myself, one early July week every summer turns the place into a melting pot of world-class artistry and festivities en masse, worthy of a visit, even from the remotest corners of the world – if you’re into music and music festivals, that is.

All due to the annual Tysnesfest (I can only apologise for the lack of an English website version), this year featuring Highasakite, The Waterboys, Alan Walker, Sivert Høyem, Amy MacDonald, Kim Larsen, Astrid S and DeLillos, to mention but a few (of these).

Not a huge fan, but a fan all the same, of The Waterboys back in the mid-80s, I, for one wouldn’t mind seeing them perform this, some 30+ years on:

I know my daughter, devouring everything 1980s, would – so maybe we will.

Be that as it may, I strongly recommend visiting our island between 12 and 16 July. Just witnessing a sleepy rural area transformed into a seething musical melting pot could be worth your while.

Plus, if the weather is good: There’s really almost nothing like it, what with the sceneries around the outer Hardangerfjord area and everything.

See? I’m not all about negativity!

Top photograph: From Tysnesfest 2016. Blogger’s photo.

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