Radio Tysnes International is live

About a week ago the local «radio station» RTI (Radio Tysnes Int’l) went live over at Anchor (make sure to find it at, bringing news and events from the local Tysnes community, as well as Tysnesfest, to the world, in part also based on short snippets of news from local news sites Bladet Tysnes and Tysnesingen.

After a mere week in operation the station ranks among Anchor’s Top 500 internationally, attracting listeners from all over the world.

Also available as podcast

Today also saw the launch of the RTI podcast via several outlets:

There’s a Facebook page, too, should you be inclined to follow.

For yours truly this is a mere experiment, and an attempt at pitching in, as a concerned citizen, of course, even if concerns aren’t really called for.

Late edit:

A quick logo make-over yesterday yielded the following (Ssshhhhh, don’t tell the BBC!):

RTI – Radio Tysnes International

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