Over and out for NATO?

As mentioned on several occasions (for instance about a year ago), NATO’s mere existence may very well be approaching its end, initiated by an American president determined to tear it apart, by all means at his disposal.

I know I promised to shut down this blog, but every now and then an instance occurs, excusing me from that pledge, and I dare claim this to be one.

Perhaps it is time for Europe to bid America farewell and forge a European alliance, based on the WEU (Western Europe Union) and EUFOR (as suggested in the afore-mentioned blog post)? In which case I hope my own country, i.e. Norway, joins the European Union at last, pulling our weight in the defence against Russia, Turkey and terrorism – of all perceivable kinds.

In any event I think it is safe to say that NATO finds itself in a deep crisis – and that Europe would be wise not to let a deranged American president dictate its terms.

With that said, I expect it will be yet another six or seven months until I blog again, but I had to get this off my chest.

EU globe klode verden world Europe
The European Union and the world. Photo from the European Commission.

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