Over and out for NATO?

As mentioned on several occasions (for instance about a year ago), NATO’s mere existence may very well be approaching its end, initiated by an American president determined to tear it apart, by all means at his disposal.

I know I promised to shut down this blog, but every now and then an instance occurs, excusing me from that pledge, and I dare claim this to be one.

Perhaps it is time for Europe to bid America farewell and forge a European alliance, based on the WEU (Western Europe Union) and EUFOR (as suggested in the afore-mentioned blog post)? In which case I hope my own country, i.e. Norway, joins the European Union at last, pulling our weight in the defence against Russia, Turkey and terrorism – of all perceivable kinds.

In any event I think it is safe to say that NATO finds itself in a deep crisis – and that Europe would be wise not to let a deranged American president dictate its terms.

With that said, I expect it will be yet another six or seven months until I blog again, but I had to get this off my chest.

EU globe klode verden world Europe
The European Union and the world. Photo from the European Commission.

As announced in my last post 16 December, I have decided to discontinue this blog, for now anyway.

Also, within weeks it will cease to exist at nedtegnelser.com, but will be found at nedtegnelser.wordpress.com, for future reference.

A happy new year to one and all, once it arrives.

A fake world marked by fake news calls for a fake Christmas tree, methinks, and so be it, for the first time ever (decorated by one’s wife, as per usual). And in all honesty I’m hard pressed to see the difference.

An embarrassing display of disgust

Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg’s conduct during the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony yesterday agitated quite a few, clearly demonstrating her contempt, not only by abstaining from applauding a number of statements, but by clapping – and smiling – in a demonstratively condescending way. Yours truly not exempt:

Needless to say there’s been a lot of debate in the wake of the whole thing. The PM herself, and those sharing her view on nuclear weapons, keep trying to explain that applauding attitudes she does not share would be dishonest, and who am I to contradict that? Hell, I even agree.

Nevertheless the incident turned out to be a blatant show of the official Norway’s distaste for Nobel laureate ICAN, which surely cannot possibly have been the Nobel committee’s intention.

Better then to stay away, leaving the Norwegian parliament’s opposition, sharing ICAN’s views, to represent the official Norway.

That could have brought some dignity to the mockery we were forced to witness.

With all that said, I’m not at all sure that a unilateral disarmament is the way to go (in Norwegian), but this performance was nothing less than a blatant display of disgust. For which I’m deeply embarrassed.

Photo: Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives). Photographer: Tomas Moss – http://www.icu.no.

This may be your last chance to get in touch with an old «buddy», as AOL’s Instant Messenger, launched in May 1997, shuts down for good next Friday, having served large portions of the Internet community for 20 years.

So in about a week’s time: Requiescat in pace, AIM.

Photo: Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Photograph: Wikipedia.

Not a big fan of the self-absorption of our time, one can restrain one’s desire to share selfies at all hours, or actually all weeks, months or seasons (except perhaps every other year), but found oneself utterly unable to curb one’s impulse to publish this piece of vector graphics, indeed based on a rare selfie. For the mere fun of it, of course.

Posting a picture I shot of the below Michal Trpák umbrella man last year, I’m ashamed to admit that I completely ignored the above lady, hanging practically next to him – as well as the fly on the wall.

Unless, of course, she decided to join her fellow umbrella user, some time between last summer and two weeks ago. You never know.

Umbrella man, Michal Trpák.

K on Sun

Fully aware that I’ve posted both a photograph and a YouTube clip of this before, the last time we visited, a year and a half ago, David Černý’s 39-ton kinetic Kafka head didn’t move, so filmed this some two weeks ago.

In a tweet yesterday (please forgive its – Norwegian – language) I put it to my fellow tweeters that the longer an occupying force (Spain) is able to hold an occupied possession (Catalonia, since 1714), the bigger the chance of the occupation’s international approval:

Most of those protesting the statement objected that the occupation has lasted too long for the assertion to hold true.

Also see: Let Catalonia remain occupied, if they so desire