Putin calendar 2018 already for sale

Meanwhile, in Norway:

So long as we ensure transparency in our sports confederations, all else is irrelevant.

Depressing news

If there’s any truth in claims that intelligence and happiness are incompatible factors, and Norway is regarded the happiest place on Earth

Disgusted by the blogosphere, blogger reverts to … blogging. Blogger's elf portrait.

For å si det sånn: Jeg ville ikke ha hevet noen øyenbryn over at noen i fylla ytrer, svært direkte, det de ellers pakker omhyggelig inn i bomull.

Nettrollet var så sint, så sint, at han nesten så rødt. Bloggers tegning.

Although certainly debated at the time, the pre WW2 United Kingdom’s failure to invite German dictator Adolf Hitler on a state visit may arguably be construed as everything but a failure.

Rural districts can’t be cities – and never will be

FUN FACT: Recent Norwegian discourse reveals a widespread misconception that even the remotest village deserves every single advantage found, not only in cities, but in the capital itself, while the capital, on the other hand, is worthy of total annihilation.

I’m looking forward to that. Knock yourselves out.

This is, by the way, where I live:

Kattaland Panorama
Whence this blogger hails (shot on a summer day).

How wrong they all are is fairly self-evident, so shan’t try to elaborate, except to ask what they think the point in having a capital may possibly be.

Also (for Norwegian readers):

Norway busy dismantling its capital

FUN FACT: Despite the fact that no more than approximately 3.3 percent of the greater Oslo population — approx 50,000 out of approx 1,500,000 inhabitants — are employed in governmental agencies (you would expect a lot more from a capital, no?), Norwegian politicians keep moving same agencies to other parts of the country.

This blogger, for one, wouldn’t be surprised if we’re left with no capital at all.

Stortinget. Bloggerens eget foto (forsyn deg, men oppgi gjerne kilden).
The Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, in central Oslo – until further notice. Blogger’s photograph.

If you ever doubted

Doubt no more:

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Source: David G. Silvers/Flickr and Wikipedia. Montage: Jarle Petterson
SPIES LIKE US: Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Source: David G. Silvers/Flickr and Wikipedia. Montage: Jarle Petterson

It would appear that there are no Trump hotels in either of the banned Muslim majority countries, which must be attributed to lucky chance, no?

Those among us who’d side with US/UK/Russia against Germany 75 years ago, are probably likely to side with Germany against US/UK/Russia today.