A fake world marked by fake news calls for a fake Christmas tree, methinks, and so be it, for the first time ever (decorated by one’s wife, as per usual). And in all honesty I’m hard pressed to see the difference.

Not a big fan of the self-absorption of our time, one can restrain one’s desire to share selfies at all hours, or actually all weeks, months or seasons (except perhaps every other year), but found oneself utterly unable to curb one’s impulse to publish this piece of vector graphics, indeed based on a rare selfie. For the mere fun of it, of course.

Dimanche à la campagne

Some, however, are never happy with the outcome, so added slightly improved version (chances are you won’t even see what it is) to this gallery.

Shot in Myrdal, Tysnes, today.

Well, it is Easter, isn’t it?

Also sorry for breaking stride over the past couple of weeks. Suppose I’ll have to realise it just wasn’t to be.

You know how it is.

Honestly do not know what came over me. Just saw an old photograph of a Mobil garage, including those iconic cylindrical petrol pumps.

I miss unique details like that in design everywhere. So had to draw one myself, partly based on (a very small!) photo and on memory, so accuracy may not be the best. My apologies for that.

Sunday and nothing better to do, but a nice addition to my personal clip art library, all the same.

P.S. And, as you will see, clearly a work still in progress.

The Pantone colours presented thus far have all been marked «U», for uncoated paper, implying that what the graphic artist sees on his or her paper colour swatch is what the colour is actually going to look like in print.

Thing is, however, that my Pantone colour swatch (below) is printed on coated paper, and colours are, therefore, marked «C», so actually only have an on-screen representation of what an uncoated version of Pantone 430 will look like in print.

Pantone swatches
Pantone swatches. Blogger’s photograph.

You may think these things really do not matter, but believe you me, they actually do.

Then again, who in their right mind prints anything these days anyway.