Fun Boy Three: Our Lips Are Sealed, 1983

Neil Young: Computer Age, 1982

Scary stuff, huh?

Propaganda: Dream Within A Dream, 1985

Footage: A Matter of Life and Death (Stairway to Heaven), 1946, featuring, among others, David Niven and Kim Hunter.

Talking Heads: Once In A Lifetime, 1980

Quick reminder to self, to show (almost) 14-y-o daughter, who’s very very into 1980s music these days. There’s no getting around this one.

Also remember Psycho Killer!

Robert Palmer: Woke Up Laughing (feat. Laurel & Hardy), 1980

The Damned: Life Goes On, 1982

Tuxedomoon: In a Manner of Speaking, 1985

Footage: Wim Wender’s Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire), 1987.

Dang, well go ahead and see and hear it on YouTube, then.

The Clash: The Magnificent Seven, 1980

However insignificant, one is fatherly proud that The Clash ranks high among one’s 13-year-old daughter’s personal favourites, without any trace of parental influence (to one’s knowledge).

Mariah: 心臓の扉 (Shinzo No Tobira),1983

The Clash: Straight To Hell, 1982

I know I posted a now removed YouTube clip of it last summer so here goes. Also, it would appear, because one’s 13-year-old daughter seems to prefer it (and tonnes of other 1980s not-so-mainstream bands and performers) over Justin Bieber, One Direction and all that jazz – needless to say to her father’s great pride and relief.

And, of course, because apparently everything is going straight to hell.