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Although certainly debated at the time, the pre WW2 United Kingdom’s failure to invite German dictator Adolf Hitler on a state visit may arguably be construed as everything but a failure.

Mein Führer, 2007

Director: Dani Levy

Sorry for the lack of subtitles, but hope your German isn’t too rusty (happily it worked for me).

Also his (and I think we all know of whom we speak) inability to see the demagogic resemblance speaks volumes – rallying, not as part of a campaign, but as a brand «new» way of government.

This one’s worth every minute of your time. Plus actually fairly amusing, in spite of the gloomy backdrop.

You may ask yourself how the German Nazi party managed to rise to autocratic power, in spite of democratic branches of government in place, following Adolf Hitler’s 5 March 1933 federal election victory.

Considering current events, my immediate answer would simply be:

Pay attention.

Or, as they once put it:

Adolf Hitler

Smil til verden …

Jeg vet hvor umåtelig infantilt det må virke, men hvordan kunne jeg ikke?

Adolf Hitler og Joseph Goebbels i munter passiar.
Adolf Hitler og Joseph Goebbels i munter passiar.


Knut Olav Åmås & co, Berlin, 1936

Åmås og gjengen under de olympiske sommerlekene i Berlin, 1936.

Etter om lag ti dager med Sotsji, vet vi litt mer om hvem som hadde sluttet ukritisk opp om Adolf Hitlers Olympische Propagandaspiele.