OK, so we’re screwed – so now what?

I think I will leave U.S. madman/strongman Donald J. Trump be for now, seeing as there’s precious little any of us can do to counter or alleviate the outcome of his political rampage, for the time being, except, maybe, to reconsider our relations with his nationalist regime.

Granted this blogger never really thought it would come to this, putting all my trust in the U.S. checks and balances arrangement, put in place to secure that no single branch of government oversteps its mandate.

Except with a Congress in perfect alignment with The White House – and a president firing members of his administration for «insubordination», after just a week and a half – that really doesn’t matter much, does it? Which is probably why we have yet to see The Capitol meddle with the would-be dictator’s ongoing frenzy.

So much for checks and balances, then. So now what, Europe? Maybe we’d better resign in acceptance of Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Frauke Petry’s rise to power, for all I know – and come to terms with the clearly undeniable fact that human kind is essentially evil* to the core.

After all, with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and America’s Donald Trump already in place, what difference would it really make?

I really don’t know any more, but I can tell you this much: Some people’s faith in a grass root uprising is charming, however futile. Entire countries, governments included, will have to oppose this in order to bring it to a halt.

Photo: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. U.S.A. Photographer: M. Fitzsimmons/Wikimedia Commons.

*Based on the assertion that stupidity is the very foundation of evil.