A fake world marked by fake news calls for a fake Christmas tree, methinks, and so be it, for the first time ever (decorated by one’s wife, as per usual). And in all honesty I’m hard pressed to see the difference.

Just wanted to take the opportunity now, before everything gets super hectic, to salute my regular – and infrequent – readers with the compliments of the season, with a super simple homemade Christmas card.

Have a good one, regardless of creed and conviction.

David Essex: Gonna Make You A star, 1974

Just wanted to put you in the right Xmas mood.

Jarle jul
Blogger in mood.

Cocteau Twins: Winter Wonderland

Victors & Spoils: Happy Holidays

Christmas Face (a song)

Kate Bush: Misty

Batman in Classic Movie Scenes: Christmas Special‬

The Ramones: Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)

Dancing With An iPod In Public: Christmas Edition