For the American dreamers

West Side Story (1961): America.

Cher & David Bowie: Young Americans.

Lou Reed and David Bowie: Satellite of Love

Loud Reed’s famous 1972 song Satellite of Love performed by David Bowie and himself in an MTV Unplugged session, not many years ago, if I’m not much mistaken.

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes, 1972

While you may associate the song with the late David Bowie, rest his soul, he did in fact write it for Mott the Hoople exclusively, also appearing on their 1972 album of the same name (i.e. All the Young Dudes).

I was never a big fan (besides only ten at the time, for crying out loud). Actually, shortly thereafter one counted oneself among those ridiculing Mott the Hoople and other bands of that ilk. Looking at and listening to it today, on the other hand, is a different story altogether.

Nah …

War Paint: Ashes To Ashes, Glastonbury 2014

David Bowie: I’m Deranged, 1995

Brukt i soundtracket til David Lynch’ Lost Highway (1997), som en naturligvis vil se.

Ok, det ble mye Bowie i dag. Jeg skal gi meg nå.

David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes, 1980

David Bowie (f. David Robert Jones), 8. januar 1947 – 10. januar 2016.

Bing Crosby + David Bowie: The Little Drummer Boy

Jeg kan ikke love julevideo hver bidige dag gjennom advent, men forsikrer at det kommer en og annen dann og vann.

Følg med!