I posted the above picture last year, following our last visit to Prague, with an intention to look up the Museum of Communism the next time we visited the city – which turned out to happen sooner than I expected – about a week ago, to be precise. So made good on promise to self, and shot a few pictures (below).

I shan’t go into details, except maybe by drawing your attention to last week’s RTI Sunday special, Prague edition, in which I described the museum in some detail.

So much to see, so little time

Found, of course, across the entire former east bloc, but there simply wasn’t time for my primary target (alongside the KGB museum), ironically located above a McDonald’s restaurant.

Will have to make a certain Robocop’s words my own, then:

I’ll be back.

OK, so I promised my vacation blogging days were over, but there’s still a picture or two to be posted, so bear with me.