When in Prague 2

Når man ferierer, er det fra alt som ellers måtte oppta en, verdens viderverdigheter innbefattet, men med desto større anledning til å prøvesmake tsjekkisk øl, selv om man rimeligvis ikke stopper der. Som dagens, inntatt ved Vltavas bredd, like ved Karlsbroen; Černá Hora, som smakte utmerket i solsteken, i og for seg, om navnet voldte aldri så små fnis, der man satt hinsides øyen Kampa, som fikk en til å undres om tsjekkerne har en greie for a-endelser. Det skulle jo ha tatt seg ut om haugen mellom Tøyen og Jordal benevntes Kampa, som i «kampa, kåra og krava». Til det slo en at «Černá Horen» neppe hadde klinget stort bedre.

Ferie, altså, fra verdens generelle elendighet, skjønt man ingenlunde går klar, som utenfor franskmennnenes ambassade til Praha, i kjølvannet av forrige ukes grusomheter i Nice:

«You may», som de sier, «run, but you cannot hide».

Det er en liten verden, og ingen skal fortenke en i trangen til å drukne sorgene i Černá Hora, og andre tsjekkiske spesialiteter.

Alright, terrorists, you win

As an open-minded liberal I have always championed open borders, free movement for workers and the freedom to settle in the country of your personal choice, which is an attitude I intend to maintain, in spite of the terrorists’ persistent attempts at mulling it.

Only problem is, of course, that with every attack – and you have to admit that they have become pretty damned frequent – I can feel my persuasion deteriorate, to a point where I have come to fear that some of the right-wing alarmists may have a point, but remain reluctant to sink to their level.

After all, as I pointed out in the 12 June post Clash of civilisations in full bloom?, following the Orlando incident, «Muslim» terrorists and right-wing westerners have one thing in common; The shared intention to escalate the level of conflict between the Muslim world and the West, a battle I fear they are about to win.

Although I shouldn’t be, I’m deeply shocked by yesterday’s attack on Nice, but have to admit that similar attacks in Muslim countries rarely have the same impact. Not because I don’t oppose them, but because, in all honesty, they seldom come as a surprise. Which, of course, is why I take offense by those reluctant to disapprove of terrorist attacks carried out in the West, on account of the West’s failure to display the same degree of shock and disgust for similar attacks in the East or Middle East.

And so it begins, the afore-mentioned clash of civilisations, I fear, whether last night’s assailant indeed was a «Muslim» terrorist or not.

I won’t compliment the terrorists (and their far right opponents) on their accomplishment, but must, however reluctantly, admit that, with every terrorist attack carried out by «Muslims» or people claiming to represent Islam (which, more often than not, is the case), the contrasts and hostilities are deepening.

As for this blogger, let’s just say that my convictions aren’t quite what they used to be, even if it involves declaring defeat.

We would, however, be well advised not to automatically brand last night’s incident as a terrorist attack. This blog post relates to general observations based on widespread assumptions.

Frankrike trikolor
Blogger’s illustration (November 2015).

Regardless the culprit(s) and his or their affiliation(s).