Norwegian asylum for @Snowden – now

The American born defector/Russian spy Edward Snowden was invited today, to attend the award ceremony for the Norwegian PEN‘s Ossietsky prize, rewarded to him, but remains in his principals’ custody in Moscow, unable to leave Russia, for fear of apprehension by western law enforcement agencies or intelligence, but also, I suspect, because the Kremlin probably is reluctant to let go of a highly valuable asset.

Needless to say this blogger has been convinced of Snowden’s treason all along, advocating an extradition I’ve known the FSB wasn’t very likely to agree to, in order to see justice done. Text continued below drawing.

Edward Snowden en route to Kremlin with a huge pile of secret U.S. documents. Blogger's own drawing.

Edward Snowden leaving Fort Meade, en route to Kremlin with a huge pile of secret U.S. documents. Blogger’s own drawing.

A reasonable request, provided the American judicial system can be trusted, which I am confident that it still can, at least up until Donald Trump’s inauguration on 20 January 2017, after which any traitor to the American state with all probability is met with a very meagre chance of even appearing in front of a proper court.

Which is why I urge Norway – or any other country – to provide Edward Snowden with a safe haven – until law and order has been restored in the United States of America, hopefully within 2021.

The incontestable fact that Snowden remains a Russian spy in no way justifies an extradition to a system soon to be highly volatile.

Having said that, should decent countries offer such protection, on a temporary basis, of course, the chances of Russia providing free passage are in any event very slim.

Putting us all firmly back in square one, despite our good intentions, unless, of course, the Putin-Trump bromance obliterates all Russo-American antagonism.

As for the Ossietsky prize, you have to wonder what motivates an otherwise serious organisation to hand out prizes to an enemy of the entire west. But that’s the thing: Unlike the country for which Edward Snowden carried out his espionage, we remain free to award whom ever we like.

Rendering his treason all the more grave.

Top illustration: American born defector Edward Snowden. Blogger’s illustration.