A Britain divided once again normally wouldn’t call for celebration. Nevertheless, in honour of Jeremy Corbyn’s impressive gain, I thought it only befitting to rustle up a fry-up, full monty, save the sausages (I’d have to go to Marks & Spencer in Oslo in order to get hold of such bare necessities, and I live nowhere near that, as you may well know), and, of course, a cuppa – reminiscing the days of Ted Heath and Harold Wilson, now that the two-party system seems safely reinstated.

I will not, however, attempt to deliver an in-depth analysis of the UK post Brexit chaos, now that the Brits have made themselves utterly irrelevant.

P.S. According to the wife it’s salad for me tonight.

Captain SKA: Liar Liar GE2017

A slightly too special relationship underway

The UK’s pending Brexit has brought about an urgent need to seek out viable alternatives. Most analysts would say they never expected it to come to this. Truth of the matter is that neither did the British voters, who probably didn’t expect their fellow countrymen to cast the same vote, leading to the country’s current predicament.

In a bid to salvage her country’s economy Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May finds herself in America, as one of the first world leaders to meet with the recently appointed U.S. President Donald Trump, in just a couple of hours, following yesterday’s appearance in the annual Pennsylvania Republican retreat, foreboding attempts at spearheading international politics alongside the United States, in an Anglo-American leadership, as if the United Kingdom remains head of a long-lost empire.

Speaking of the special UK-US relationship she even made a reference to President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, failing, however, to mention Reagan’s famous «Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!». Instead she kept speaking warmly of President Trump’s new approach, omitting the US-Mexico wall.

She did, however, express high hopes that both America and Britain are entering a new era, which indeed they are.

Not entirely sure that we see eye to eye on the implications thereof, though:

Watercolour painting: UK PM Theresa May. Blogger’s illustration.